Stupid Ninjas

Stupid Ninjas 1.0.4

Shuriken puzzle action


  • Great style
  • Fun puzzles
  • Different gameplay experience


  • Can get frustrating
  • Immaculate aim required


Stupid Ninjas is an interesting puzzle game for Android. The goal of Stupid Ninjas is to kill all the visible ninjas on screen with one single swing of a samurai sword.

The catch of Stupid Ninjas is that most ninjas carry multiple shuriken and when killed by the samurai sword, they will throw their shuriken into the air causing a mass array of shuriken to fly around the screen. Stupid Ninjas also adds in environmental interaction by introducing angle attacks where shuriken will bounce off soft angles and other extra elements like magnets.

Stupid Ninjas is fun because the puzzle solutions are not easily seen and there is a good amount of trial and error for some of the levels. But finding the solution to the puzzle does give an amount of success because a few of the levels look unsolvable.

That strength of Stupid Ninjas also causes the most frustration. The accuracy of angles can mean success or failure to a huge amount. So when levels are solved with only a few tries, it feels great; but some levels take a huge number of attempts.

Stupid Ninjas is fun because it feels different and can be improved easily. The visual style is playful, and though audio is poor, it does not take away from the experience.

Stupid Ninjas is a great puzzle game that uses different elements in interesting combinations.

Stupid Ninjas


Stupid Ninjas 1.0.4

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